Supporting our B.C. farmers and ranchers

The B.C. Agricultural Research & Development Corporation (ARDCorp) leads innovation and delivers resources to improve the Iong-term profitability of BC farmers and ranchers with the vision to grow BC into the most dynamic and robust agricultural province in Canada.

ARDCorp is the wholly owned subsidiary of the BC Agriculture Council (BCAC). Working with BCAC and provincial government, ARDCorp delivers effective, affordable programs and services that advance both the individual producer and entire agriculture sector while benefiting local communities. ARDCorp provides funding and assistance for a variety of producer-focused programs for which eligible BC farmers and ranchers are free to apply.

Through combined knowledge and resources, ARDCorp and BCAC are working together to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of BC agriculture.


As an organization that serves BC agriculture, ARDCorp is committed to:

  • Assisting in developing an economic environment that provides for strengthened competitiveness; long term growth; employment, and economic viability in the BC agriculture and agri-food industry,
  • Fostering cooperation and a collective response to matters affecting the future of agriculture in the province, and
  • Providing services to farmers that assist in achieving the purpose of the BC Agriculture Council.