General BCAC Questions

What does BCAC do?
BC Agriculture Council (BCAC) is the only provincial-wide general farm organization representing the farmers and ranchers of British Columbia. BCAC proudly serves nearly 30 commodity associations who in turn generate 96% of the farm gate sales in B.C. Our vision is to “Grow B.C. into the most dynamic and robust agriculture province in Canada” by continually improving the social, economic and environmental sustainability of B.C. farms and ranches.
What is ARDCorp?
ARDCorp is BCAC’s wholly owned subsidiary which delivers farmer focused programs. You can visit the current programs page here. for program opportunities available to farmers.
How do I get farm status? (how many tress/lamas/shrubs do I need to get farm status?)
Visit BC Assessment for information on obtaining farm status: CLICK HERE
What funding options are available to farmers?
ARDCorp is BCAC’s wholly owned subsidiary which delivers farmer focused programs. You can visit the current programs page by CLICKING HERE. Other government funding can be accessed by contacting the Ministry of Agriculture or you can look around on their website here.
What tax exemptions do I qualify for as a farmer?
The Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Bulletin explains how the PST applies to farmers. Contact the Ministry of Finance with outstanding tax questions.
How do I become a BCAC member?
BCAC’s membership is made up of 28 different farm organizations from across the province of B.C. To get involved, contact your specific commodity association. See a list of BCAC members!
I’m a new farmer, where do I start?
The Ministry of Agriculture has resources available to help new farmers. VISIT THEIR WEBSITE.
I’m a farmer and would like to raise an issue. Who should I contact?
Please contact your specific commodity association (see list of BCAC members here). We work through our members (28 provincial commodity associations) to represent B.C. farmers and ranchers on pan-agriculture issues (issues that impact all agriculture industries across the sector, i.e. water, labour, land use, etc.).
I want to partner with BCAC. What opportunities are available?
We offer a variety of opportunities to join forces and support farmers with your help. Everything from offering cost savings to farmers and ranchers through the Farmer Identity Card program to direct sponsorship including feat at our annual Ag Gala. Contact us to discuss these options further.
I need help with seasonal agriculture workers, can BCAC help?
BCAC leads a labour committee that oversees the policies and issues related to human resources and skills development in the B.C. agriculture sector. In addition to addressing the need for finding local hires, the committee also works to assist employers who require temporary foreign workers (TFW) to fill the demand for labour. Visit our webpage on labour to learn more.

Farmer ID Card FAQ's

What is a Farmer ID Card?
The Farmer ID Card is a program specifically designed to offer farmers and ranchers exclusive benefits, including a wide variety of discounts and access to invaluable resources and information. The card is recognized by the B.C. Ministry of Finance for claiming PST exemptions for bona fide farmers.
How do I sign up for a Farmer ID Card?
We're currently updating our online application but you're still able to print off the application form and either fax, mail or email the completed form in to the BCAC office. Don’t forget to include your current year’s property assessment form, and if needed, a signed lease agreement if renting land.
Can I renew my FID card by phone?
A requirement for the Farmer ID Card application is to include a copy of your current property assessment form, all renewals and new applications are accepted via mail, fax, email or online through our website.
Why do I have to send a copy of my current property assessment form every time I renew my card?
The Farmer ID Card is recognized by the B.C. Ministry of Finance as one of two methods for farmers to claim PST exemptions. We’re doing our due diligence to ensure that every FID cardholder is in fact a current bona fide farmer in BC.
I lost my card, can I order a replacement card?
Of course! Let us know if you’ve misplaced your card and we will send you out a replacement card for a small $25 fee.
How can I qualify for the BCAC member rate?
BCAC’s membership is made up of provincial farm organizations. To qualify for the BCAC member rate you must belong to one of our BCAC Member Associations. View the list of BCAC members here.
I lease my farmland; can I still apply for a Farmer Identity Card?
Yes. When submitting your Farmer ID Card application, please also include a signed copy of your lease agreement. This gives us a paper trail linking you to the farm class land you farm on.